Sunday School

At Buncombe Street United Methodist Church, one of the primary ways we grow spiritually and form soul-nourishing, lifelong relationships in Christ is through Sunday School. Knowledge through study – and the incredible fellowship that goes along with it – are essential elements of the Christian life.

Sunday school classes for all ages are offered at 10:00 AM each Sunday, with periodic social and joint Sunday School activities throughout the year.

Some Sunday School classes are comprised of people with similar life experiences and ages (children, youth, young couples, singles, and seniors, to name a few.) Other classes are designed around common interests in particular studies or topics. All Sunday School classes are open to both members and visitors, as well as friends in our community. They are full, active, and welcoming centers for faith maturity.

Adult Sunday School Downtown Campus


Membership: Couples and singles (’30s- ’40s)
Study: In our current phase of life, we find ourselves as anchors in one way or another. For both our children and aging parents, we provide security, care, love, and guidance. But we, too, need an anchor, and that is what this class provides us—an anchor in faith, an anchor of support, and an anchored group of people who are all at the same point experiencing the same things in this journey called life. Discussion-based group.
Meets: Room 203


Membership: Couples and singles (’40s-’60s)
Study: -Various short Bible series, individual and video lessons. Discussion-based group.
Service projects: Various projects with a focus on BSUMC opportunities including Feeding Jesus, Interfaith Hospitality Network, and Triune.
Meets:  Room 303


Membership: Couples and Singles (’60s-’70s)
Study: Join a vibrant group of vintage adults for stellar fellowship and stimulating conversation, sprinkled with doses of witty humor. We offer highly educated Bible lessons prepared to offer weekly spiritual inspiration. Classroom-style lessons.
Meets: Room 115


Membership: Mixed ages, couples, and singles (50+)
Study: Facilitated discussion of Bible Study Books
Projects: Various service projects
Meets: Room 107


Membership: Mixed ages, couples, and singles (50+)
Study: In-depth discussion with shared learning of Biblically-based curriculum
Projects: Various service projects
Meets: Room 204

Entertaining Angels (Special Needs Adults)

Membership: The Special Needs Ministry serves the needs of mentally challenged adults
Study: Focuses on singing, Bible readings, and prayer
Meets: Room 202 Adult Library


Membership: Mixed ages and very diverse membership. (’40s – ’60s)
Study: This class focuses on understanding God’s purpose for our lives. The class, curriculum, and discussion focus on community-building and making wiser decisions. People new to BSUMC are welcome. Discussion-based group.
Meets:  Room 302


Membership: Primarily, but not limited to, parents of school-aged children (’30s – ’50s)
Study: Explore & discuss topics that help us learn God’s word in an encouraging atmosphere. Discussion-based group.
Meets: Room 215


Membership: Singles, couples, and parents of young children (’20s – ’30s)
Study: Focuses primarily on establishing a connection that will allow members to walk their Discipleship journey together. Discussion-based group.
Meets: Room 301


Membership: Couples, and singles (40-60)
Study: Members teaching books of the Bible. Discussion-based group.
Projects: BSUMC-sponsored outreach activities (i.e., Feeding Jesus, IHN, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) and various social activities for both adults only and families
Meets: Room 217A

New Beginnings

Membership: Singles and Couples (50-70)
Study: Christ-centered Bible study. Discussion-based group.
Projects: Soup Kitchen, Christmas projects, social activities including supper clubs
Meets: Room 114


Membership: A vibrant, multi-generational class of couples and singles who seek to strengthen their faith in Christ. (All ages)
Study: Rotating teachers lead open discussions and the class focuses on studying scriptures and their application to real life.
Projects: Triune, IHN, Homes for Hope, Feeding Jesus, United Ministries, and many other community services. Many fun social and fellowship activities.
Meets: Room 100.


Membership: Young Adults (Early 20s)
Study: New class for college students, young single adults, or young couples looking for community on Sunday mornings. Discussion-based group.
Meets: Room 224 (Youth Hall)


Membership: Adult men and women (60+)
Study: Adult Bible studies in a classroom setting
Projects: Various
Meets: Room 216 and online via Zoom


Membership: Couples and singles (60+)
Study: Various studies with diverse topics in a classroom setting.
Projects: Asbury Hills Camps, Julie Valentine Center, Miracle Hill, Kairos Prison Ministry, Emmanuel’s Hammer, Zoe Ministry, and other local ministries for children.
Meets: Room 214 and online via Zoom 

Tommy Thomason Fellowship

Membership: Adult men & women (60+)
Study: Judeo-Christian principles as applied to today’s problems.
Projects: Meals on Wheels, Miracle Hill, United Ministries, Southernside Community Center, Habitat for Humanity, & special projects at Christmas.
Meets: Room 102


Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Sunday school classes start at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings. We offer Sunday School for children ages 2 through 5th Grade. Our Sunday School ages are based on a child’s age as of September 1st.

To learn more about our Children’s Sunday School, visit our Children’s Ministry page:

Children’s Ministry

Youth Sunday School

Youth Worship is a place where you can come and be yourself! A place where you will be known and loved.  This is a time for 6th-12th graders to be around a like-minded community, seeking true friendship. Join us as we learn from the Bible, enjoy some fun entertainment, hang out with some awesome adults, and ultimately begin doing life together. Meets in the youth hall of the Downtown Campus.

To learn more about our youth programs, visit our Youth Ministry page:

B-Street Youth Ministry