Bible Study

Bible studies are an opportunity to get to know a few people well and explore a topic of personal interest. All are welcome to choose from a rolling schedule of studies lasting anywhere from four weeks to twenty weeks. We are currently offering virtual Bible Studies for Adult Ministry.


Rev. Karen Jones, Associate Minister of Christian Education


Adult Bible Study

We offer rotating options for adults of all ages at both campuses year round and during the school year. We are currently offering virtual adult Bible Studies.

Women’s Bible Study

For a complete list of women’s Bible Study offerings,  please check out the B-Street Women’s Ministry page.

Men’s Bible Study

For a complete list of men’s Bible study offerings, please check on the Men in Ministry page.

Join a Bible Study

Sunday School

Sunday School at Buncombe Street integrates Bible study as a core part of each class. Many different Sunday School classes are offered, with “something for everyone.” The curriculum of each class varies throughout the year, but certain classes maintain themes or general areas of study. Visit our campus Sunday school pages to learn more:

Sunday School Downtown Campus

Sunday School Trinity Campus

Community Groups

Community Groups are a wonderful way to form relationships around common-interests and experiences shared by other people in the church. Often, community groups engage in Bible study, formally and informally, throughout the year. If you are interested in joining a community group, please contact Reverend Karen Jones or complete the survey below so that we can help place you in a group.

Community Group Placement