Enrollment Information

Steps to Enrolling in the Full Day Program

  1. Arrange a tour. Contact the Downtown Campus at 864-233-5050, ext. 141, or the Trinity Campus at 864-235-1484 to arrange a tour. Tours are typically held on Tuesdays and Thursday from 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM. The average tour takes 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Submit Waitlist Form and Payment. You may submit at anytime or bring with you at the time of your tour.
  3. Registration Fee & Enrollment Forms. Once offered a spot and you accept, please pay the Registration fee and complete the Enrollment forms.
  4. Orientation. Attend the Orientation and bring in all of the completed paperwork
  5. Welcome! Once you are successfully enrolled, you are welcomed into the CDC family! Your child(ren) will start in their new classroom on the agreed upon start date.

The following procedure is the priority category given for admission to the center:

  1. CDC or Church Staff
  2. Church Member w/sibling enrolled
  3. Non church member w/ sibling enrolled
  4. Church Member
  5. Community

To enroll in the Afterschool, Holiday and Summer Camp programs, please Contact Angel Ellis by email or 864-233-5050, ext. 140.

Enrollment Forms

Wait List Form

Scholarship Application Form

Bank Draft Form

2019 Full Day Tuition Schedule

Communications Consent Form

Developmental History Form 

DSS-2900 Child Health Statement 

Emergency Contact Form 

Medication Form 

Parent Signature Form

2019 Parent Handbook

2019 Discipline Policy

Recent Health Exam Form