Wedding Information Sheet

Please complete the form below to give us the information we need to add your wedding to our calendar. If you meet the membership requirements, agree to our policies, and there are no conflicts, your wedding will be added and you will be contacted with next steps.

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Bride's Agreement

Please take the time to read and fully understand the BSUMC Wedding Policy (linked below.) This policy has been established in consultation with the Church Council, the BSUMC staff, and the Worship Committee to facilitate wedding planning and to keep the celebration of marriage at Buncombe Street a worshipful experience for all. After reading, please "agree" to the statements that follow and make sure that all involved with your wedding are familiar with the policy.
I understand that all music used in my wedding must be coordinated through and approved by the BSUMC Director of Music.(Required)
I understand that my flowers and decorations must conform to the guidelines set forth in the BSUMC wedding policy.(Required)
I understand that my flowers must be left in the church for use during Sunday services.(Required)
I understand that my photographer must adhere to the rules set forth in the Wedding Policy. I understand that my wedding is a worship service and that photographs may ONLY be taken from the balcony during the ceremony.(Required)
I understand that no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on the church premises, and anyone found under the influence of alcohol or drugs WILL NOT be allowed to participate in my wedding.(Required)